We provide materials that explain, define and clarify how Nexus Science works and how best to achieve results in your group or community. We also provide  additional resources and materials that support and relate to Nexus Science. This material is available for free.

However, for unique clients interested in a deeper understand and dedicated implementation of Nexus Science in their environment, we also provide specialized, custom-designed training sessions. These sessions can go a few hours or a few days depending on individual needs. Professionals who are certified trainers of Nexus Science will consult with you in person or via video chat regarding your specific needs. They will prepare an appropriate program for your group and will coordinate with you or your staff to arrange a training event and then travel to you and present directly to your group. Additionally, we can train up members of your staff, crew or team in the Nexus Science so that your group can carry on with the method after our session. We also provide follow up support to all groups with whom we have invested.

We generally employ two trainers for every session, one lead and one support. The lead gives the training while the support trainer observes and assists.
We may also bring assistant or student trainers, translators, observers, tech support etc. with us to the trainings but we will, of course discuss this with your management prior.
We charge a “per person rate” adjusted based on length and size of the workshop plus any travel and expenses.
We recommend a minimum of ten participants (if possible) and a maximum of 60. We can do less or more with some adjustments or additions to our training staff but this requires consultation.
For more information, to book a training or to enquire about pricing etc. please contact us using our contact form and we will get back to you. Please include as much detail as you can regarding your organization and what you need.