There are dozens of principles that formulate the foundation of the Yield Method. Here we have highlighted a few of the most significant ones.


We are globally connected and we need to feel that connection in order to be in harmony. The world is built on the principle of connection but we, humanity are in opposition to that principle. Unity is more than just a word or a concept; it is and should always remain our constant goal, one in which we strive for and work towards in all of our efforts and as means towards resolving all our conflicts. How we view our relationship with others determines the health of our societies.


We must be mindful of our competitive natures, environments and educational methods. Contrary to generations of belief, competition is seldom the most effective means of producing quality results. The Yield Method recognizes that cooperation is a vastly more inclusive and constructive process under which we can all work and benefit. When we redefine the goal to ensure everyone wins then the individual is also guaranteed success.


Every one of us must take equal and shared responsibility for each and every other individual. This mutual concern for the well-being of others serves the greatest good as it ensures that the system in which we are all a part of does not fail due to a lack of security. In other words, we are all egoists who are entirely self-centered and self-serving but if each of us were to shift our focus from ourselves to others then we would all be placed in an interdependent system that guaranteed the welfare and well-being of every member of that system.


A person is where his or her thoughts are. This is a principle of most psychological and philosophical theories. Remaining in a single thought is nearly impossible because we are in a constant flux of desire. The success of programs like “Mindfulness” and other meditational practices are a testament to the need people have to understand their minds and how thoughts operate on them. The Yield Method stipulates that all thoughts are the result of desires and their fulfillment. By understanding how desire works, we can understand how the mind works.


A sense of security is fundamentally required for growth and discovery to freely take form.  Our definition of security and safety can be more accurately defined as compassion, understanding and care. An individual who feels they are understood and cared for and not judged is much more capable of advancement than a person who is in a constant state of stress and anxiety or even fear and defense. This is especially true of children but that same maxim carries on into adulthood. The Yield Method makes “safety first” an integral part of its program. To ensure that we are all working in a protective nurturing and secure environment.


The Yield Method embraces “failure” as a necessary and vital means for discovery which we are lacking or which needs correction. Due to our competitive nature, society has made “failure” a shameful incidence which we are meant to hide and obscure. We are taught (particularly in Westernized cultures) from our youth not to fail and not to admit failure or risk harsh judgement and penalty from our peers. Hence we are robbing ourselves of a key contributor to our ability to grow, evolve and transform.
The Yield Method deems failure as an opportunity. Not an opportunity judge, scorn or punish another, but for us to learn. We not only look fondly on failure as being a success but we encourage failure because it provides fuel for the fire of our growth. Negative thoughts, incapabilities, fears, anxieties, phobias, self-consciousness are all part of life and being human and these things are shared commonly amongst all of us. They are not shameful and should never be avoided obscured. Freedom to Fail as a principle is effective in a good, safe, supportive and friendly environment where failure is an option.


Within the Yield Method we refer to the term environment not as the natural one (although this is also important) but of the physical one. The environment in which we are educated, raised, live, work and play are all critically important factors that govern who we are. The impact and influence of the environment upon us is what molds and shapes our very thoughts, opinions, feelings and perceptions. It is necessary that we endeavor to build and maintain a good and positive environment in which we can unite in.


Whether it is the family, team, crew, club, company, band, cast or squad. Whatever the name or dynamic, nobody feels connected to any group that they haven’t invested in. More often than not, it is the fault of the group itself (or the management of that group) for not allowing it’s members to become more engaged and invested. A person becomes invested in the group once they have contributed something of themselves to it. Efforts, finances, thoughts, ideas, blood, sweat and tears all amount to investment. And once a person is invested, they then have a level of care, concern and loyalty for the group that can only be bought through one’s own efforts. If everyone in the group comes with the same dedication and respect, a comfortable and secure environment is formed.