Developed by Dr. Marshal Rosenberg, Non-Violent Communication principles are designed to manage (express and receive) anger compassionately. The human being is incapable of distancing him or herself from anger or shutting it off but it can be managed in a way that is beneficial to both the subject and the object of the anger. In other words, anger, when properly understood and expressed can be a very helpful and healthy emotion. Non-Violent communication is one of the core principles of the Yield Method and we encourage you to do more research into the field.

NVC explores the relationship between how we have been educated in society to speak, think and communicate with one another. It also studies the association between what our words say (anger, fear, pain, hate, etc.) and what we are actually communicating to one another; a lack of fulfillment or dissatisfaction in one form or another which manifests itself in the form of violent communication.

Actively contributing to one another’s well-being is one of the core principle of the Yield Method. And learning how to dialogue with each other is one of the its primary goals.

An audio presentation by Marshal Rosen explaining non-violent communication.