To help you best understand how Nexus Science works, how it was developed and why it can help you, we have broken our method presentation into the following sections:


The precepts by which the method operates. These is the unshakeable foundation upon which we build Nexus Science.


This is what Nexus Science believes and stands for. There are certain truths that we must all first recognize, understand and agree to before we can implement Nexus Science into our lives. We try to explain and highlight the basic tenants under which we operate here.


As many of the tools and insights that we can provide to you online we have tried to do here. This should give you some understanding of the method in action and help you to implement the method in your community.


Where and how the method can be applied. We think this method can be applied to all aspects of life, however we have listed as many areas as possible in order to give examples of the many arenas Nexus Science can be affective.