There is a simple, yet specific ideology behind Nexus Science that supports the method. The following is a redacted, alphabetical list of a few of our most fundamental precepts.


There is a kind of strength and wisdom that comes from a collective that cannot be equaled by the individual. Because we are each limited by our own qualities, abilities and intellect, etc., we, on our own, can only hope to achieve a true perception of our reality or make a correct group decision. However, when there is an inclusion from all members of the group or organization, etc., the potential for a more balanced outcome is multiplied by the numbers of all those included because only the collective discernment of a diverse crowd (or group) can compensate for individual biases.


The concept of what education is and how it should be applied to students must be completely redefined. We need to think of education simply as developing a human being to join humanity. Knowledge and discovery are wonderful components of education but the role of educators is not to force feed facts to a student.



Like it or not, believe it or not, we are indeed all globally interconnected and interdependent on each other. There is nothing that can happen today in a rice paddy in Cambodia that doesn’t affect a person in northern Finland. This interdependence must be recognized, discussed and felt. Nexus Science focuses on highlighting our global connection and heightening our awareness of it.


We must fundamentally change the way we  define, advertise and propagate the “pursuit of happiness”. Our media, entertainment, pop and celebrity culture, economics and even politics all send a dangerous message to our children and humanity as a whole that happiness lies in fame, fortune, power and control, etc. and this is a complete falsehood. We need to redefine “happiness” as a concept and promote that new corrected definition in all areas of society.



We must accept small, incremental progress. The results will show in time but they must build. This requires faith in the method. And it takes an amount of faith and trust in the process in order to see results. This is true in any result of value. A diamond is born from the result of thousands of years of pressure. A person cannot benefit from a new diet regime if he or she doesn’t commit to the process. Results are not immediate but with each addition of effort one makes, the reward will be greater and more rewarding.


“Love thy neighbor as thyself” or “Do unto others as you would have done to you”… This is probably the most well-known of all biblical/religious phrases. Although Nexus Science has no religious affiliation or adhesion, this basic tenent still most accurately represents our principle ideology. Scholars and religious leaders have for centuries tried to interpret the meaning of this Abrahamic phrase but Nexus Science implements it into practice. Nexus Science more accurately defines the golden rule (in today’s language), “recognize that we are all connected and coexist in one integral system and treat each other accordingly“.


As a precondition to every action one must operate with two vital components. There is no action without intention and there is no successful action without first a preparation and you will see that when we begin to discuss the techniques involved in activating the Yield Method then we will often discuss and refer to these two key components.


Sustainable is a modern day buzzword but the concept is usually associated with recycling, using resources more wisely and finding new and improved ways of sustaining our consumerist economy and competitive society. Nexus Science asks the question of do we really need all the things we make and use and how can “sustainability” be redefined to include ourselves, our relationships and the health and strength of our society?


Nexus Science concludes that there are currently two paths lying before humanity.

  1. The path of Nature which will teach us slowly and painfully where and how we must develop ourselves by bringing us common global problems.
  2. The path where we can accelerate our development. Humanity will recognize the need for drastic change and actualize it ourselves through connection.

If we actively participate in our own development, then we will take the second and easier path, but if we don’t choose to work on our development then we will go down the first path. Both paths lead to the same destination but while one is quite easy the other is perilous and will be most challenging for all of us.


“Yes, And” is a practice created in the realm of improvisational theatre training where players are trained to “yes, and” each other or to agree and accept as a principle in order to move a performance forward. Nexus Science takes this principle (and others from improv training) and applies it to training in the development of agreeing and accepting other’s thoughts and opinions, etc.